To make your own tracks on 2,500 meters downhill, what a dream!

Heliskiing is an exclusive experience of freeride skiing. Groups of friends or a small team, a helicopter and your guide will be your allies to make the most of all the beautiful descents of the time in Switzerland and Italy.

The secret to a successful day; a group of four people open to discovery, with the aim of hitting a maximum vertical drop and enjoy the scenery. Heliskiing is the best skiing for unforgettable memories.


Exploring, initiation through a multi-day trip, or a trip abroad, ski touring offers great fullness in symbiosis with the beautiful winter scenes. On the menu: peace, wilderness, skiing, fun and a friendly atmosphere.

the borders

Live your passion outside the borders. Guided through France, Italy, Austria, the Pyrenees, Norway, etc., these trips are designed to immerse you in a new environment. Discovering new mountain sceneries is a total enrichment.

Ask for the details of the future trips or offer your dream destination, your guide will take care of the next steps.


Who does not dream to exceed the limit of 4,000 meters? The Alps offer 82 peaks above this mythical limit.

The famous Matterhorn – undisputed master – not to mention the massive Grand Combin, Monte Rosa or Mont Blanc.

Follow your guide to assault the steep walls of the Alps. After a few hours of walking and climbing in the world of high mountains, the majestic peaks await you. The climb will bring you unbelievable sensations and a huge satisfaction.

Allow yourself to live this fantastic experience roped to your mountain guide. This alpine trip will not leave you unmoved!


You are alone or in a team?
You have an idea in mind and do not know how to do it?
Follow your guide


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